Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Are you Askable?

Where did I come from?  What is sex?  How did that baby get in that lady's tummy?  Why does her bottom look different than mine?


For many parents, these are show stopping questions that make their face turn red and cause them to be at a loss for words.  Isn't it interesting that you the parent, the one who has been charged with raising a precious child can have no idea where to begin a discussion about this topic and yet the media and a bunch of people who don't even know your child feel very free to speak about sex and to give advice to your child?

Whether we like it or not, if we don't step up to the plate and talk to our kids about sex and what a healthy relationship looks like, somebody will and it might just be someone who doesn't have very good intentions.

October is national Let's Talk month.  Parents are encouraged to either begin or continue conversations with their children about sex and healthy dating relationships.  Research shows that in spite of eye rolling and statements like, "This is so embarrassing" young people do want to hear from their parents about these issues.

For tips on talking with your child about sex and healthy dating relationships visit our website.