Friday, April 22, 2011

Running Away

Many of you have wondered aloud to me if I ever sleep or just chill out.  My husband will testify that I do chill, I do know how to play and that I usually get 7ish hours of sleep a night (at his strong urging.....he says I'm not very pleasant when I don't get enough sleep.  Imagine that???????  No, never mind, don't go there)

Last weekend Jay and I did something really fun.  We ran away to WinShape Retreat  to participate in their Romantic Adventures weekend.  We had a blast.  It was content rich, but not heavy.  Shawn and Christina Stoever are insightful, fun and funny!

There was just the right amount of down time and with a 26,000 acre playground at our fingertips there was plenty of room to get away by ourselves. Naps were a requirement!  The food was amazing and the hospitality was over the top.

We all had the option to participate in the wilderness adventure course.  Too much fun!!!!

 This is my don't look down face!  Challenging, but very fun especially with my sweetie!

Overall a great weekend!  We were gone for 2 days, but it honestly felt like we had been away longer.  I highly recommend doing something like this.  Too much tyranny of the urgent going on in our lives today.  Not enough nurturing of the relationships we really treasure.