Monday, February 23, 2009

2009 Prom Season

I can't believe it, but prom season is right around the corner. In the past I have interviewed teens who plan to spend upwards of $500 just for their prom dress. In the past, proms have been a 2.7 billion dollar industry. With the current economic climate I am betting this will not be the case for the 2009 prom season.

Are you the parent of a teen who will be going to prom? I am curious to know what folks are doing or have done in the past to be creative and save money.

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Kate said...

Hey Julie...Just an idea about prom dresses from a gal who used to be willing to spend too much money for the perfect dress for any event! I should be ashamed to admit this fact but the truth has been setting me free in every other arena so getting set free from spending silly amounts of money on clothing has been first cleansing, then second cleansing, then third kinda fun! Although shopping for teens can have it's own set of hoops and hurdles to jump over and through including the typical questions they get from the other girls like, "where'd ya get your dress?", teens are beginning to enjoy a good bargan as much as us. I was pleasantly surprised when I suggested consignment store shopping to my stepdaughter shortly after purchasing a pair of Paper Denim jeans for $13. Just 2 years earlier I'd purchased the same pair of jeans at Bergdorf's in New York for $198. To my stepdaughters credit, not only did she check out the store but she purchased several pieces at a fraction of the their cost. You may wince at the thought of shopping at consignment/vintage stores for such an important event, but, girls, I'm excited to tell you that I had bought my wedding dress for a fraction of the cost at an antique/consignment shop 4,000 miles from home. Not only was it the exact dress I imagined and thought I would have to have made, but, it happened to be one of the only brand new dresses in the shop, tags on and all...Since your asking the question about prom dresses so early, I would encourage you to consider googling consignment/vintage/antique shops in the places you may be travelling to away from home over spring break or a long weekend. For example, Dallas has some of the best consignment shops I've every been in, as does Washington DC, Palo Alto Ca. and Connecticut just to name of few... To add to the fun of it all when your gal is asked where she got her dress, she might be able to say she got it in a shop where you vacationed over spring break.. Have fun and tell if you find any great consignment/vintage/antique shops to recommend!!!

Much love and joy as you have fun staying connected to the Spirit of God who is more than able to lead and guide us through every single situation no matter how insignificant it may appear.
I thank God for every resource He's given you and I and I ask Him, in the strong name of Jesus, to help us be good stewards and make wise choices with it all,