Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

I have a great friend whose husband has been serving our country in Afghanistan for the last nine months. Prior to his leaving and throughout these nine months, I have had the privilege of praying for this family as well as gaining a greater understanding of what it is like to have a husband who is literally battling on the front lines. I can honestly say my eyes have been opened!

There have been times when I have heard the frustration in my friend's voice and I cried over not being able to do more for her (she lives far away). I know she has sleepless nights wondering what is going on thousands of miles away with her husband. Sometimes when I call she says, "I have to call you back, I'm picking up the kids from school and I don't want to be on the phone." She is clearly a great mom and is seeking to keep things as normal as possible for their children.

Today is a special day set aside to honor those who have served and are currently serving our country, but what I have realized over the last year is that I need to be incredibly grateful everyday because great sacrifices are being made both overseas and at home as families try to carry on.

I hope you will take time today and every day to think about and be thankful for all of the amazing freedoms we have as a result of people being will to essentially put their "normal" life on hold to serve you and me and many other people.

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