Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Life is Tough Sometimes

This is our sweet Rozee sleeping on her pillows in the family room.

Ashley with Rozee at Christmas.

Today we had to put Rozee to sleep.  :-(     When Ashley was 4 she picked Rozee out to be her puppy.  Back in the day Rozee could catch a Frisbee in mid air and fetch two tennis balls at one time returning to her master with both tennis balls in her mouth.  That was quite a sight!  One time she went to school with Ashley to show off her talent in front of all the kids.  They LOVED her.

Rozee was infamous for going totally crazy when my husband came back through the door - even if he had only been gone for a few minutes.  She would dance around in circles and jump up and down until he took her outside to play.

She tolerated many dress up sessions with Ashley and allowed her picture to be taken in some pretty funny outfits!

We always joked that if anybody tried to break in the house Rozee would lick them to death!

At age 13 Rozee had definitely slowed down, but she still liked her morning walk and never wanted to be left behind if she thought people were headed outside to play.

So, today was a very sad day for our family.  However, we have a lot of great memories of her that will last a lifetime.  She was a wonderful member of the family! 

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mistyeyed said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. She was beautiful.