Thursday, January 29, 2009

National Marriage Week

National Marriage Week is February 7th - 14th. It is an opportunity to recommit to figuring out how to make your marriage work. If it is bad it can get good again and if it is good it can get better. In their book, One Good Year, Dave and Janet Congo suggest committing to live one good year of marriage with your LifeMate using these 12 commandments:

I commit on a daily basis to be an encouraging partner.

I commit to make intentional choices that enrich our marriage.

I commit to forgive and to be aware of my need for forgiveness.

I commit to practice awareness of my LifeMate on an ongoing basis.

I commit to protect the boundaries of our marriage.

I commit to connect in healthy ways on a daily basis.

I commit to making joy and laughter part of our relationship.

I commit on a daily basis to be a team player in our relationship.

I commit to making our spiritual relationship my highest priority.

I commit to making our sexual relationship satisfying, sensual, and spiritual.

I commit to establishing balance in my marriage.

I commit to leaving a significant and eternal legacy.

Consider what could happen in your marriage relationship if you commit to living by these commandments for a year.

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