Monday, November 24, 2008

On the Go!

So this weekend I was running around like crazy with my "to do" list trying to get everything done. Friday night we had a basketball game and didn't get in until late. Went to a surprise party Saturday morning, which was totally fun. Came home. Ran to the grocery store. Came back home hoping to get in a power nap before heading out to supper club. That didn't happen. Got in late and went to bed.

When I got up yesterday morning my voice was almost gone and I didn't feel so hot. I really wanted to go to church, but my body was saying NO! Normally I would have gotten up and gone anyway, but I decided that the world would not go into a holding pattern if I didn't go so I stayed home. Don't know if anybody can relate to this, but this is MAJOR PROGRESS for a driven type A.

So, I did make some chicken noodle soup and it was GOOD! But other than that I basically didn't do anything major. Just chilled.

Lesson learned: Rest is a good thing. Duh!

I am feeling much better today ready to take on the week. Hope you will spend some time resting and enjoying family this week.

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bakersinspringfield said...

I know I'm impressed. I'm so glad you took time to take care of yourself. Good for you.