Thursday, November 20, 2008

Teaching Children to Give

I am looking forward to attending a seminar this morning on fundraising in difficult times. Then I get to interview Carol Weisman, author of Raising Charitable Children for the First Things First television show. I think this will be a great discussion since kids today are inundated with all kinds of messages about being consumers and it's all about you.

There probably isn't a household in America where children have not overheard or participated in conversations with their parents about the economy and how much money has been lost. But conversations about giving, why to give and to whom are not near as common between parents and children.

What is the right age to introduce your children to charitable giving? How much is an appropriate amount to give? How do you encourage your children to be generous givers? These are all questions I plan to ask Ms. Weisman so stay tuned if you are interested in the answers. I'll share them with you tomorrow.

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