Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Staying sane in a working woman's world

Last week I was thinking about how ironic it was that I was teaching Staying Sane in a Working Woman's World. I had just wrapped up a whirlwind trip to Canada where I was awake for 23 1/2 hours along with being a wife, mother, working woman not to mention friend. Isn't it crazy how we swear we aren't going to over commit and then you turn around and you've done it again. At our event Thursday night as I was listening to myself speak I'm thinking in my head, Here's your sign sister!!! I did have some great points even if I do say so myself. So I've decided I'm really going to follow my own advice.

Here are a few of the things I talked about:

What are your top 5 priorities? Sometimes we put our priorities in writing, but we do not live our life that way.

As working women it is really important that we keep the main thing the main thing.

Focus on what you can control. We often expend a lot of energy getting anxious and uptight about things over which we have no control.

Keep your expectations realistic. This includes housekeeping, laundry, children's activities, etc.

So as I am thinking about the upcoming holidays I am going to ask my friends to hold me accountable for not going overboard.

Seeking to stay sane.....Julie


Martin said...


Great to see you doing this; keep up the great work and thank you!


Amy Cathy said...

great words. i agree.