Monday, March 30, 2009

First Day of Driving

I have a 16-year-old. I can't believe it. She got her license Friday at 7 am! That evening we took her out for dinner. On the way home, her dad commented that the only driving experience she had not encountered up to this point was having to drive in a torrential downpour.

Saturday she went out to dinner with a friend. Around 9:30 she was ready to head home. Only one problem. Her father and I had been listening to the weather and there were 3 tornado warnings out in the area. We told her to stay put. At 10, the warnings went away so we told her to head home and to BE CAREFUL!

I wish I could tell this story like she told it when she walked through the door, but my interpretation will have to do.

No sooner had she hit the interstate than rain, did I mention torrential rain, started pounding her car. She said as she was driving she was thinking about how thankful she was for whoever invented windshield wipers because hers were going as fast as they could. No one was going more than 25 miles an hour and everybody had their caution lights on. This continued for about 12 miles. She described herself as looking like a little old granny as she tried to see out her windshield.

When she walked through the door she was WIDE EYED as she told us her story. She then proceeded to thank her father for opening his big mouth about the only thing she hadn't done was drive in a downpour........Needless to say, she described this as her most stressful driving experience EVER!

While we weren't thrilled with our daughter being out in the weather, we knew this was a confidence building opportunity. One down...... a million to go.

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