Monday, March 9, 2009

Living Life to the Fullest

I am lucky enough to be married to a guy who truly loves life. Every day is an adventure with him because I never know when he is pulling my leg, playing a joke on me or actually telling me the truth. I have come to believe this is a very good thing. There are probably some people who look at my husband and think, he just needs to grow up and act like an adult. I, on the other hand, am truly thankful that he is so playful and full of life. He never misses an opportunity to spray our daughter with the hose as they are washing the car together or crack a silly joke as we are driving down the road.

When I look around and see so many stuffy adults leading what look like pretty boring lives I think How sad!

Spring break is right around the corner. I hope all of us will get out of our winter ruts and do some fun stuff with the family. When is the last time you played hide and seek or kickball?


Betty Anne said...

You are married to a man who loves life! And, anyone around him can't help but love the moment of life they are in with him! And it's pretty cool to see how much he loves his wife, too! You two are blessed!

Gloria Huber said...

My husband is glad I'm only nine and has requested I never grow up! In fact, I think it was a prerequisite for marriage. We saw the FTF Mystery Date tip, and he is making mystery plans for Sunday. Can't wait to see where we are going and what we'll be doing! Love your column.