Friday, March 27, 2009

What You Wish Someone Had Told You

We have been getting a lot of calls about our premarital education classes from couples planning to marry this spring. I am excited about them coming to our class, but I have to wonder about what is really motivating them. Is it the $60 discount they will receive on their marriage license or the fact that they are confident they are going to receive information that will help them in their marriage????

When we asked one guy what brought him to our premarital education class, he said, "My fiance at gun point." Clearly, he was least we think he was. But it was what he said after that that was most striking. He went on to say, "I didn't want to come to this class because I thought it would be the biggest waste of time. Boy, was I wrong. I had no idea what I didn't know about marriage."

If I had a dime for every time I have had a newlywed say to me, "I wish someone had told me....." you fill in the blank, I would be independently wealthy.

So, what do you wish someone had told you before you walked down the aisle? If someone told you something and you didn't listen, but wish you had, that counts as well.

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